Price List

Paper a room:£250-£400
Wallpaper removing and painting:£400-£600
Small room painting:£140-£200
Medium room painting:£180-£300
Large room painting:£220-£400
Exterior painting:£430-£880

Price transparency

Here, at South London Painters and Decorators in Greenwich, Dulwich and Clapham, we pride ourselves on a price transparency – on a honest and reliable service.

We value our clients much more than their money

that is why your satisfaction is our main goal. Those are not just empty words – we give you a warranty of service.

Whether it’s initial painting of a new office or shop, or just a house repainting, or wallpaper hanging – you can expect only the high quality service.

Please note:

  • We’ve got nothing to hide! Our employees won’t ever leave you without a fee – make sure to keep it, it’s a warranty of our service.

  • In case of unexpected – we are fully insured!

  • That’s not all – the prices are negotiable, and we’ve prepared tempting discounts!

The best things in life are free!

…so feel free to get a free quote, insurance quote if anything is not clear.

We are more than happy to serve you with a free advice, to give you our recommendation, and share our ideas.