Yes, it can be fixed!

Here at South London Painters and Decorators we pride ourselves on providing a complex decorating and painting services. In other words – we are doing everything possible, to make your apartment look great. This includes cracks and holes filling service. Like it or not – walls get damaged over the years. Lucky for you – we can fix them in a matter of hours!

How is it possible? It’s possible thanks to the use of a professional, quality materials, and honest, reliable work of our hard working, friendly employees! Check our portfolio to see for yourself! Please note, that after cracks and holes filling, it’s highly recommended to paint the wall, or cover it with a wallpaper for the best effect! It’s totally affordable with our special package!


We are happy to give you a warranty of our services

We promise your walls will look like new, without any sign of cracks and holes!

For more information, get a free quote! Our consultants will be more than happy to hear from you, so learn more about our special package today!