We’re always doing our best for the beauty of your environment.

Commercial Decorating: over the years we worked for hundreds of commercial clients, providing high quality service at affordable prices. Our commercial decorating offer includes: exterior and interior painting, wallpapers removal and hanging, spray painting, and more!

Residential Decorating: Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful house? It’s easy with South London Painters and Decorators in Greenwich, Dulwich and Clapham. We pride ourselves on providing the best service at affordable prices. We are happy to visit you in your home, equipped with catalogs and computer, to help you choose the colors and wallpapers for your home environment – for free!

Wallpaper removal and hanging: we are always equipped with wallpaper samples, and a computer full of beautiful designs, to make sure that your home or office environment will look simply amazing. Wallpaper removal and hanging? We are the men for a job!

Exterior Painting: exterior walls require repainting from time to time, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Exterior walls of your office are a business card of your company, exterior walls of your house speak of your social and economic status.

Filling cracks and holes: nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later your walls will get damaged. We can make your walls, doors and furniture last longer, or at least fix them by filling cracks and holes. South London Painters and Decorators – your walls will look like new.

Spray painting: is a special technique, very efficient when it comes to furniture painting. It gives the painting surface a different, shiny texture. It is perfect to cover steel and aluminium, and many other materials that can’t be painted in a traditional way!